i-LiNQ® is the new component, placed between the implant and the abutment. By reducing the i-LiNQ® diameter to a technical minimum at crestal bone exit, the maximum surrounding bone layer will be preserved. Thick bone layers improve crestal blood support and crestal oxygen supply at the border line to intraoral cavity. High oxygen level inside the tissue sustainably reduces the risk of periimplantitis. We have developed the i-LiNQ® abutment system based on the vision for an optimized biological design, combined with an easy-to-use handling and a high prosthetic flexibility. i-LiNQ® simplifies procedures. i-LiNQ® does away with intraoral cement for prosthetic restorations. i-LiNQ® always realizes the „ONE time, ONE Abutment“ philosophy: the placement of the final component on the implant at time of uncovering and never taken out again. Both the technical and the aesthetic freedom for the prosthetics not only are preserved in i-LiNQ® concept but are fundamentally extended by the modular setup of the entire i-LiNQ® family.