i-Ball & i-Locator: The Removable Connection

i-ball and i-locator abutments serve for the retention of removable dentures on i-LiNQ®. Final seating of the abutments for achieving cold welding is performed by the ball component in i-ball abutments and by the cover screw in i-locator abutments. In both situations, seating force must be applied at 15 Ncm.

For installation of the retentive elements in dentures a metal housing must be polymerized into the denture base, using a self-curing denture acrylic resin. This can be done either in direct or indirect technique. For indirect technique, impression should be taken on i-LiNQ® level, either by using the 1piece or 3piece impression posts. In direct technique please remember to properly block-out the undercuts in ball- or i-locator geometry.

i-locator abutments are available in gingival height short [S] and regular [R], i-ball abutments only in gingival height short [S]. The ball component in i-ball abutment is replaceable in order to easily rebuild friction in case of friction loss. For i-locator abutment the „Plug-in“ ball component offers an additional option for patient comfort.