i-Conometric: The Friction Retained  Connection

i-conometric serves for friction retained, free of cement installation of bridges. In order to compensate axial divergences between implants, a 5° conical cap is placed onto i-LiNQ®. Cold welding is applied at 15 Ncm seating force. This conical cap is available in 0° and 15° angulation.

As in i-connect system, also in i-Conometric system precision in impression technique is crucial. Inaccuracies inevitably lead to poor fitting between the conical cap and the abutment interface, resulting in a loss of sufficient friction grip. Therefore, also for i-Conometric solutions, 2step impression technique is recommended:

In the first step, a simple closed tray impression should be taken by the 1piece impression posts. On a first model the PEEK caps of the 3piece impression posts should be splinted by resin material and sectioned into single parts.

In the second step, the resin-embedded PEEK caps are installed on the metal base part of 3piece impression posts and placed onto the i-Conometric caps. The small gaps between the single segments must be filled with a liquid resin material for re-splinting the segments intraorally. Taking impression can now be completed by using a closed tray.

i-Conometric cap is available in 0° and 15° angulation. i-Conometric abutments are available in diameter 5.0 mm and 6.5 mm and in gingival height short [S], regular [R] and long [L]. Angled abutments are not needed for i-Conometric technique and therefore not part of the product portfolio.