i-Connect: The Screw Retained  Connection

i-connect serves for screw retained prosthetic restorations by splinted crowns, bridges and bars. i-connect is fully compatible to well-known Multiunit geometry. Therefore, all common CAD-CAM manufacturing processes for digital framework design and construction can be used.

During impression procedure it has to be kept in mind, that a precise transfer from the intraoral situation to the lab model has to be guaranteed. Otherwise, overload of prosthetic screws will result and will compromise both, the prosthetics and the osseointegration of the implants. In order to avoid any issues, we strongly recommend the 2step impression technique:

In the first step a simple closed tray impression should be taken by „screw-on“ or „snap-on“ impression posts. On a first plaster model the „pick-up“ impression posts should be splinted by any resin material and sectioned into single parts.

In the second step the resin embedded „pick-up“ impression posts should be installed on the i-connect abutments and the small gaps between the single segments must be filled with a liquid resin material for re-splinting the segments intraorally. Taking impression can now be completed by using an open tray.

i-connect abutments are available in 0°, 17° and 35° angulation. Straight versions are offered in gingival height short [S], regular [R] and long [L], all non- indexed. Angled versions are offered in regular [R] and long [L], indexed and non-indexed.