i-Cement: The Non-Cemented Connection

serves for the retention of single crown and bridgework supra structures. Basically, single crowns should be cemented extraorally in order to avoid any cement induced formation of periimplantitis.

Technically however, it is also possible to cement the crown intraorally on i-cement abutments. If bridgework is required on i-cement abutments, intraoral cementation will become necessary. In these cases, it is important to remember to completely remove all cement excess from the sulcus. X-ray double check for any residual cement inside the gingival pocket is strongly required.

Taking impressions preferably should be executed on i-LiNQ® level by using 1piece or 3piece impression posts. This enables the dental technician to adjust the abutment according to the patient‘s individual situation. Alternatively, taking impressions can also be performed on i-cement abutment level, if i-cement abutment has already been installed on i-LiNQ®. Which procedure should be chosen depends on the benefit for the specific patient case?

i-cement abutments are available in diameter 4.0 mm, 5.0 mm und 6.5 mm and in gingival height short [S], regular [R] and long [L]. In addition to the straight version also angled i-cement abutments are available in 15° and 25° angulation. Both, straight and angled, as indexed and non-indexed type abutments.